Commercial services

Beechenlea has amassed experience of working with clients in both the public sector and private sector to provide a wide range of complimentary services since our inception in 2009.

Rail maintenance

Power management

Vegetation management

Arboricultural services

Security fencing

Groundwork and construction

Our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely.

Our suppliers, training providers and qualifications include:

Experienced team

Our professional team at our headquarters in Essex have an extensive pedigree of service provision to the Rail industry, and arboriculture and vegetation management for the UK power industry.


This is underpinned by our expertise in general vegetation management services and our highly-qualified arboriculturists. We understand and work with trees, hedgerows and shrubs every day – in urban, industrial and rural settings right across the UK. That allows us to present public and private sector clients with advice on all nature of specific tree-related issues that may impact their business.

Professional service

We have gained a reputation for offering a professional and efficient service to all our customers. We don’t stand still and take five-star testimonials for granted, as all our staff are encouraged to embrace change and innovation in our industry, and ensure they keep up-to-date with all the latest thinking, techniques and equipment improvements.


This approach, and our commitment to customer service and diligent project management, allows us to understand our clients’ challenges and requirements – and map out services to meet your specific needs. Our only concern is to provide high-quality, safe and efficient services to all our business clients.