Beechenlea are long standing specialists in the provision and installation of fencing to satisfy all your security, boundary, and gate requirements.

Providing fencing solutions to a range of commercial clients, we specialise in Palisade fencing and Weldmesh security fencing, as well as Expamet and Chain Link fencing, typically for marking boundaries.

Palisade Fencing is ideal to meet security requirements for an industrial site, school boundary, or commercial property to restrict unwanted entry and trespass. This type of security fence can be provided by Beechenlea in a variety of styles, heights and finishes  – galvanised or polyester powder coated.

Weldmesh, or welded mesh, fencing is often used for school boundaries, by sports clubs, for security or ball retention around cricket nets or tennis courts, and is one of the most widely used fencing products.

Expamet fencing can also provide a perfect solution for boundary security needs, while providing a less severe look than other security fencing systems. As such it is often used by schools, both for external and internal boundaries. But as it is available in many different dimensions and mesh sizes, it is also installed on industrial and commercial sites.

Beechenlea also supply Chain Link fencing, which we recommend as a popular choice to satisfy medium-level security requirements or to mark internal boundaries.

Our fencing experts can advise on the installation of Kee Klamp® fittings to provide bespoke perimeters, their tubular steel integrating with mesh fencing or handrails.

For commercial or domestic clients requiring solutions to abate noise pollution, we can provide acoustic sound barriers for industrial or residential sites, and around roads and railways to reduce noise levels. And we provide local authorities with advice on the appropriate installation of anti-suicide barriers on bridges and in other locations.

We have expertise in the supply of agricultural galvanised wire fencing and wire netting for estates, farms and all rural locations to retain cattle, sheep, deer and pigs in a secure and safe space. And also wire mesh netting as rabbit exclusion fencing and penning, in a variety of thicknesses and heights, galvanised for strength and durability.

Complimentary to our security fence work, we supply and install a large range of security gates, as an addition to or as a separate project from fencing installation.

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