We provide delivery of large, freshly cut real Christmas trees to various locations in and around Essex, including Town Councils, Town Centres,  Public Open Spaces, Shopping Centres/ Hotels, Workplaces, Churches, Cathedrals, and Hospitals.

Each year, we deliver fresh-cut Christmas trees directly to site. These trees come in sizes ranging from 14ft to approximately 30ft on average. Additionally, we offer installation services for larger Christmas trees, whether indoors or outdoors. Our expertise extends to supplying and installing large real Christmas trees for Town Councils. Our skilled team, equipped with spacious trucks, ensures a seamless setup for your Christmas tree.

While the largest tree we have installed to date measures 30ft, we can source trees of any size according to your requirements. To maintain their freshness, we refrain from cutting the trees until a few days before the scheduled installation. This ensures that your Christmas tree stays vibrant for an extended period. In addition to serving Town Councils, we have also provided large real Christmas trees to various churches, cathedrals, wedding venues, and hotels.

We take pride in our ability to deliver quality trees and offer professional installation services to create a festive atmosphere in a range of settings.

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