Grounds and Vegetation Management

Our highly qualified team of arboriculture experts is able to call on the latest equipment and techniques to understand and satisfy all of our vegetation management needs.

We provide landscape management services for local authorities, construction companies, industrial sites and all-purpose business parks. For the building industry we also manage building plots, and then ongoing services on housing estates for councils.

Our services come from both ends of the management scale – able to provide advice on all aspects of tree and shrub plantings; but also working closely with architects and the construction industry to carry out land clearance works on development sites.

Our staff are experienced in cutting verges and trimming hedges, and clearance of scrub and undergrowth. We also use specialist arboricultural vehicles for mechanical hedge and grass verge management, maintaining pathways and embankments alongside roads and pavements.

As well as brush cutting and ivy removal, we can deliver herbicide application to control weeds, such as invasive Japanese knotweed, and general pesticide control of vegetation and regrowth.

We remove all green waste vegetation and roots, dealing with tree stump removal after felling hazardous, dead and dying trees and major shrubs.

We help clients play a vital part in improving the environment they live and work in, providing advice on the right trees to plant on sites, and ensuring they are planted in the best possible way to maintain healthy tree growth and blend sympathetically with the surroundings.

The trees and shrubs you plant may last for several generations, so Beechenlea can provide the vegetation and ecological surveys, followed by expert advice to make sure you select the right specimens.

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